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Mind Your Health


UMA’s Platform allows me to see clients and not have to worry about getting paid. Clients pre-pay via the platform. I don’t have to wait 2 or 3 months to get paid by the insurance company.

Verified UMA

I feel like Santa Claus came early this year. UMA is great. So easy to use and I get paid in 3 days.

Verified UMA

UMA was very easy to use. My therapist was great. Highly recommend it for anyone searching for a good therapist in the New York area.

Alison K.
UMA Client

I have a high deductible and I never know my fees in advance. UMA’s transparency is amazing. I never have to worry about getting surprise bills in the mail.

Brian B.
UMA Client

UMA is ZocDoc 2.0!

Dr. M J
UMA Provider

Simply the best option for me and my family. UMA allowing us to shop for appointments like we shop for anything else is very important.

Megan K.
UMA Client

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