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Support / FAQ

What is UMA?

UMA Health is an online marketplace that connect you to a wide range quality mental health providers. Use UMA to find a provider, schedule an appointment, and pay for your visit directly- all through the website!

How do I know which provider to choose?

With UMA, you can filter your search for providers by mental health speciality, location, transparent cost, availability, ratings, gender, language and more! Check out different provider profiles to learn more about their background, and pick the best fit for you!

How does payment work?

Upon booking an appointment, you will be prompted to securely enter your credit card information. You will be charged immediately to lock in the appointment slot. It’s quick, confidential, and easy! UMA has partnered with the reputable third-party payment processor, Stripe. Stripe saves your payment information for all future purchases, as is common on most shopping/booking websites.

Can providers change their prices?

On UMA, providers set their own rates. As it is a marketplace, providers may choose to lower or raise their prices as they see fit. We hope this flexibility encourages a fair range of pricing so that everyone can find an appointment cost that works for them. Prices on UMA are transparent and paid upfront through our website.

What is the cancellation policy?

We ask that you cancel as soon as possible so your provider can open up the slot for another client. You may cancel your appointment at any time. There is currently no penalty and you receive your money back.

What if I need to reschedule an appointment?

You can reschedule your appointment at any time. Simply click on “cancel appointment” in your upcoming appointments for a full refund. Search for another provider/appointment slot and book at a time that’s convenient for you.

Is UMA available throughout the U.S.?

UMA’s network is currently based in the New York area, with plans to expand nationwide. To request UMA in your city, click here.

Where can I download UMA?

Unfortunately, we do not have an app yet, however it’s in the works! To receive updates on new releases and other product updates, click here.

Do I need insurance to use UMA? What if I have an HSA?

UMA operates entirely outside of insurance. Conveniently pay for your appointments with your credit card on file, as you typically do when shopping/booking other services online! You can, however, use your Health Savings credit card for certain UMA appointments. If a provider accepts HSA payment, it will be clearly listed on their profile. If you do have insurance, you can still separately use UMA and avoid the hassle of copays or deductibles.

Will my insurance company reimburse me for charges made on UMA?

In most cases your insurance will not reimburse for UMA charges.

What is UMA's privacy policy?

UMA takes clients privacy very seriously. To review our privacy policy, click here.

Is UMA HIPAA compliant?

The UMA website and data center are completely HIPAA compliant. For more information about HIPAA compliance,click here.

Will I be penalized by my insurance if I use UMA instead?

You will not be penalized for going outside of your insurance. UMA is a transparent marketplace that allows you to choose the provider with the best price for you, and pay for your mental health appointments directly online. You do not need to submit claims to your insurance plan if you have one!

How much is UMA Health to join?

UMA Health is free to join and there are no sign up, enrollment or monthly fees.

Can I make an appointment for another person though UMA?

We ask that you set up a free account for a loved one, children, or spouse. We currently don’t offer family accounts, but we will in the future!

If I'm unsatisfied with my appointment, who can i speak to?

Our team is always here to help! If you’re not happy with the mental health service you received, please feel free to contact your provider. If the matter is UMA related, please call us directly at (646) 655-0757.

I have insurance. Can I still use UMA?

Absolutely! UMA is for everyone. Many of our users use UMA to bypass deductibles, co-pays and surprise bills.

How can I remove my UMA account?

To remove your account, please send us an email.

Can I create a family plan for my UMA account?

As of now, we do not offer family plans on UMA. It will be available in the near future!

Are you on the app store?

We are not currently on the app store. You can, however, book an appointment on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Does my account expire if I don’t use it frequently?

Nope. Your UMA account will remain untouched.