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Urgent Medical Access

Support / FAQ

What is UMA?

UMA stands for Urgent Medical Access and was created to allow patients to seamlessly connect with doctors. Our transparency shifts the power to the patient's hands, allowing them to find quality, affordable healthcare at the click of a button. With UMA, you can search for doctors and book appointments based on cost, distance, ratings, and availability.

How do I know which doctor to choose?

With UMA, you can search for doctors and book appointments based on your priorities, like cost, location, availability, and specialty. You can also search for a doctor based on ratings and reviews submitted by fellow UMA patients.

How does payment work?

Before you book your appointment, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. Payment is quick and easy when you book an appointment on UMA. UMA has partnered with a third-party payment processor called Stripe. Stripe saves your payment information for all future purchases. Your credit card is charged immediately to lock in the appointment.

Can doctors change their prices?

With UMA, doctors set their own prices based on the care and procedures they provide. Because of this open market, doctors may choose to raise or lower their prices over time.

This level of flexibility allows for fair prices, market competition, and transparency which ultimately benefits the consumer.

Once you book your appointment, the price you agreed to is the price you pay. Should there be additional procedures necessary during your visit, the charges will be added to your UMA account accordingly.

What is the cancellation policy?

We request you cancel as soon as possible so your provider can open up the slot for another patient in need. You can cancel your appointment at anytime. There is no penalty.

What if I need to reschedule an appointment?

You can reschedule your appointment at anytime without any restrictions.

I heard that I can earn 5% cash back for each appointment I book with UMA. How does that work?

For every dollar you spend on appointments booked on UMA, you will receive 5% back in UMA Dollars -- cash you use to pay for any other doctor’s visit you book on UMA. For example if you spend $500 for a procedure, you’d earn $25 UMA dollars, which you use towards a future visit like, teeth cleaning, a chiropractic massage or any other services that UMA offers.

Do UMA Dollars expire?

You can use your UMA dollars at any time without expiration.

Is UMA available throughout the U.S.?

UMA is currently available in a select cities and is continuously expanding. To request UMA in your city, click here.

Where can I download UMA?

You can download the UMA app in the Apple App Store. You can also use our web version on Android devices. A dedicated Android version will be available soon. To receive updates on new releases and other product updates, click here.

Do I need insurance to use UMA? What if I have an HSA?

One of the great benefits of UMA is that you do not need insurance to book your appointments through UMA. You can, however, use your Health Savings credit card for UMA appointments.

Will my insurance company reimburse me for charges made on UMA?

In most cases your insurance will not reimburse for UMA charges.

What is your privacy policy?

UMA takes patient's privacy very seriously. To review our privacy policy, click here.

Is UMA HIPAA compliant?

The UMA app and data center are completely HIPAA compliant. For more information about HIPAA compliance, click here.

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