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Problem-Solving Therapy

Problem-solving therapy is a good solution for those who are dealing with chronic stress. Talking to someone outside of your circle in regards to your problems can be very beneficial to your health.

Problem-Solving Therapy

What is mental health problem-solving therapy?

Mental health problem-solving therapy is a technique used to help patients adapt better problem-solving skills when it comes to stressful or unpredictable situations.  This mental process discusses identifying the problem, analyzing it and thinking about healthy solutions before the situation arises.  Many relationships benefit from problem-solving therapy because it provides alternatives for couples that tend to argue in an unhealthy way. Problem-solving therapy can also be used in patients who suffer from depression and anxiety because it can be used to alter attitudes and provide a much more positive outlook. In addition to problem-solving an attitude change, this technique also increases the individual’s critical thinking skills. To find a provider for yourself in the Manhattan or New York area click below.

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