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Bringing children into your life is a big decision, no matter how prepared how you may feel. If you and your partner are facing infertility issues or different opinions over bringing children into your marriage, reach out to one of our counselors for a same day appointment.


What do I do if my spouse doesn’t want children, but I do?

Children are a big decision no matter what age you are or how prepared you may think you’ll be. Couples may decide to have children right away while others wait years. If you and your partner are arguing over having children, you first need to understand each other’s opinions. Does your partner not want to have children at all or just at this time? Some people want to be more financially secure before they take responsibility for another human being. Some women are scared to carry children to do health complications and risk factors. Marriage counseling can help you get to the root of your fears and help you to understand your partner’s perspective.

My partner and I can’t conceive; should I see a counselor?

Infertility can be difficult emotionally, physically and financially especially when couples around you are conceiving. If you or your spouse feels responsible for infertility, it is time to reach out for support. Marriage counselors are able to give advice and solutions for when you are feeling upset or stressed out. Counselors are also able to advise you and your partner how to communicate during difficult times. Infertility is very difficult especially for couples that have lost previous pregnancies. One of the most important things to do while experiencing infertility is learning to rely on your partner, friends, and family for support. Marriage counselors can also recommend support groups to attend and help you understand the many stages of grief.

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