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If you and your partner are on opposite pages about having a child, you may need a neutral party to analyze the situation. In couples therapy you can learn effective communication skills and compromise.


Are you and your partner arguing over having kids?

Many have different views when it comes to having children. As a couple, you may need to compromise in order for you both to be happy. Babies and kids are a lot of work and sometimes you or your partner is not ready for that responsibility. Although many people say that there is “never a perfect” time for kids, some want to be prepared more than others. Some women don’t mind having kids but would rather adopt than have one biologically. These are all conversations that you can have with your couple’s therapist in a safe and secure place.

Are you experiencing an unexpected pregnancy?

Although many couples want kids in the future, some may want to hold off until they’re more financially stable and in a bigger home. Life doesn’t always go as planned, and sometimes you may find out you’re expecting before you thought you would be. This can create stress in relationships that lead to arguments.

How can therapy help my pregnancy? 

If you and your partner need advice about going forward, seek help.  A couple’s therapist can provide you with options, techniques, and solutions to a healthy conversation. Pregnancy isn’t an easy topic to talk about, especially when it wasn’t planned. Attending therapy puts you in a safe, confidential environment that allows you to express your fears and emotions for both you and your partner.

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