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Non-traditional Marriages

Although the definition of marriage has changed over time, people can't help who they fall in love with. If you are experiencing a non-traditional marriage that others have concerns about, book an appointment with a confidential marriage counselor today.

Non-traditional Marriages

Do I need counseling for my non-traditional relationship?

Many relationships are not traditional, especially in today’s time. Marriage counseling is not only beneficial for couple’s who are developing issues in their relationship but also for couples who need advice. Although some people feel comfortable talking to family or friends, others may prefer speaking to someone with a more educated and experienced background.

Some examples of non-traditional relationships include:

•    Polygamy relationships

•    Homosexual relationships

•    Transgender relationships

•    Interracial relationships

•    Large age-gap relationships

Although many people may find certain relationships non-traditional, to others it doesn’t matter. Marriage counseling provides a different approach.  Rather than looking back at past problems, most mental health providers look for techniques and skills for coping with everyday issues for the present and future.  One of the great things about marriage counselors is that they are experts in all types of marital issues and provide a confidential environment.  You and your partner can go together and express your concerns for the future.  Being in a judgment-free space can benefit both parties. Marriage counselors are trained to give advice and share techniques that can be used to explain your non-traditional relationship with your friends, family, and coworkers.

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