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Couples who control each other and nag do not have a healthy relationship. If you feel like your partner only loves himself/herself, visit a therapist to talk about communication, wants and needs for the relationship.


Is your partner selfish? Are you giving more than your 50%?

Relationships require compromise, and if one person isn’t giving effort, it’s going to be a difficult task to remain in a healthy relationship. Not only can a partner be selfish, they can be controlling. You should never feel like you need to comply to your partner’s demands if they make you uncomfortable.

Do you feel like your partner puts his/her needs before yours or your children’s?

Many people feel like they are in love with someone who doesn’t love them. Although your partner may love you, sometimes they care about their own wants and desires more than yours. If your partner relies on nagging and controlling as their main source of communication you need to seek a couple’s therapist now. Couple’s therapy can help you and your partner develop healthy habits of communication. You both can discuss your feelings in a safe environment and comfortable space.

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