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Mental Health Consultation

Seeing a UMA Health Specialist for various reasons heaps major benefits to you socially and emotionally. During an initial consultation, the provider will help you determine the type of therapy you need.

Mental Health Consultation

What type of therapy would benefit me the most? 

Determining the type of therapy begins with recognizing your body’s symptoms. The initial step is finding a doctor that you believe best fits you and what you want to achieve from therapy. Most doctors are able to point you in the right direction after you verbalize your symptoms. There are many symptoms that people can suffer from, no two people are like, and with the wide range of therapists today, it is important to explore all options. People who have suffered from traumatic events mostly benefit from therapists and health care providers who specialize in posttraumatic stress disorders whereas people who show signs of binge eating would benefit from an eating disorder specialist. The most important part about therapy is realizing that the first therapist or doctor may not be the perfect match for you. Becoming comfortable with a health care provider can dramatically improve your results and may take time. Doing research on your therapist can also increase your peace of mind. Where did they go to school? What did they specialize in? Many people have preferences in language, age, gender, appointment availability, and location. Some therapists now offer video chat sessions or phone calls to work around the patient’s schedule. The biggest mistake that can be made when determining what type of therapy is needed is not seeking a health care provider at all. By using UMA, you would be able to view photos and information about your therapist before even making an appointment. 

When is it time to make a follow-up appointment after your consultation? 

Most healthcare providers recommend following up with your healthcare provider 1-2 weeks after beginning medication. It is essential that you follow up immediately with your doctor if any suicidal thoughts occur. Following up with your provider allows them to address any questions or concerns you may have. Not all symptoms improve after the first appointment, many medications need to be changed or altered in order to best match the patient’s needs. By keeping up with your appointments, doctors are able to monitor mood changes and vitals to ensure the best possible outcome. Over time, the follow up appointments become more sporadic. If you are looking for a health provider near you, look below to find out more information about UMA providers in the greater NYC area and Long Island. 

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