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Finding out the root of your jealous feelings can help you improve your relationship. If outside factors, such as social media, are contributing to issues in your relationship, book a confidential and secure appointment with a couples therapist below.


Why am I jealous in my relationship?

Jealousy in relationships can be caused by many reasons, getting to the root of the problem and communicating with your significant other about your emotions can be very helpful. If you are feeling insecure, chances are you’ll be more jealous of people your partner may know, work with, or even talk to. Couple’s therapy can help you find the root of the problem within yourself that made you so insecure. By finding out why you feel this way, you can better express to your partner what you are going through. Many people who feel insecure tend to lash out at their partner because they don’t have the proper communication skills to calmly describe how they are feeling.

Social media is hurting my relationship!

Although social media has a lot of benefits, when it comes to relationships, social media tends to do more harm than good. The majority of breakups stem from social media activities. Trusting your partner on social media can be difficult. Some people want to know their partner’s phone password while other people like to have some privacy in their relationship. Although there is no right or wrong answer, therapy can help you work through these issues. If your partner is jealous and insecure about what you do on social media, use your communication skills to suggest couple’s therapy. Couples therapy provides a safe, confidential and neutral environment to express fears and concerns.

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