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Intimacy Issues

Intimacy issues can develop at any stage in a marriage. Marriage counselors provide a safe, confidential environment for people who want to improve their marriage. Find a provider below for a same day appointment.

Intimacy Issues

Can marriage counseling help me and my spouse rekindle our romance?

Many couples struggle with intimacy immediately after their marriage. Some of us worry that we may have married the wrong person. Other couples develop intimacy issues after they have children. There is no specific deadline for when issues can start. You can feel unattached from your spouse when you both are under a lot of stress. Couples that have intimacy issues and seek help have a higher success rate than those who are too embarrassed to contact a professional. Intimacy issues can also be related to physical affection. If you feel that your partner is no longer holding your hand during walks or kissing you goodnight, do not avoid the issues. Marriage counselors are trained in approaching these issues in a very confidential, safe and non-judgmental way. You and your partner can attend these therapeutic sessions both individually or as a couple. Although progress won’t be made overnight, if you and your partner keep up with your sessions and express how you are feeling calmly and openly, you will see drastic results. Lack of love from your spouse can increase your depression rates, increased stress and further health problems.

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