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Illnesses can be scary, especially if they are terminal. If you or someone you know is going through a severe illness, speaking to a social worker can give you the best techniques and tools to move forward.


What illnesses are severe enough to see a social worker?

Each person is different which means illness to each person can affect them differently. Although social workers to assist with talk therapy for terminal illnesses, they are experienced in grieving and accepting all other illnesses. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with an illness such as cancer, heart disease or HIV/AIDS, you should seek advice from an expert social worker.

How can a social worker help my illness?

Social workers are experienced and trained in helping cope with sicknesses. Although one person can be diagnosed, many friends and family can be affected by the physical, financial and emotional burden. Social workers can give techniques to cope with stress, suggestions to help with financial struggles and the ability to stay positive through life’s hurdles.

How often should I see a social worker?

Because everyone is different, there isn’t a set amount of visits that we can recommend. If you feel that you need more support, you can see your social worker multiple times a week.  Other people can benefit and learn the appropriate techniques in just a one-time session.

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