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Although we know that death and loss are apart of life, losing someone close to us can be very traumatic. In order to grieve properly, we must take the proper steps to learn and understand what our mind is going through.


Do Psychologists help grief?

Experiencing a loss of any kind is traumatic and finding a therapist that can help you cope and understand grief is essential to the healing process. We all grieve in different ways and psychologists are able to work closely with individuals, families, and couples to help mourn a loss. Sometimes, when we experience loss it can lead to shock, confusion, anxiety, and depression. If you or someone you know is experiencing a loss, contact a psychologist below.

How soon should you attend therapy after a loss?

Sometimes, when someone is terminally ill, we can know that we will be suffering a loss before it actually happens. As soon as you begin to feel upset, worried, anxious or overwhelmed, you should make an appointment immediately. You can suffer a loss and attend therapy years later. Luckily, psychologists are educated and trained in all stages of grief.

In addition, therapy can help you understand and accept a loss. Acceptance is hard for most people to process especially when the loss was unexpected.

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