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Gender Identity

Gender identity may make you feel hopeless if you're going through it alone. Therapists are near and very accepting of those who are transgender. When you are feeling sad, seek help. UMA doesn't judge : )

Gender Identity

What is gender identity and who suffers from it?

Gender identity is the feeling that your current gender does not agree with the gender you were given at birth. Gender identity disorder can be found in young children all the way up to adults. Many signs of gender identity disorder are disgust at their on genitals, social isolation, lack of friendships, depression and anxiety. Many people do not receive treatment for Gender identity disorder because of the stigma attached to being transgender. The most important acceptance is self-acceptance. Many people who are suffering from GID gravitate to therapists who are more accepting of transgender people. Without help, patients suffering from GID could fall into a deeper depression and feel thoughts of suicide. Talking to a therapist can improve negative mood swings, promote positive thoughts and provide coping skills for the future. Througout Manhattan and the greater New York City area, find your UMA provider today. 

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