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UMA is a Win-Win
For All Patients

Our direct-to-consumer medical marketplace offers huge savings for patients by bypassing insurance-mandated healthcare costs. Know exactly what you'll pay in advance and never fear surprise bills later.

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Save Money

Shop around for affordable procedures by high-quality medical professionals quickly.

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Transparent Pricing

No more guessing games. Know exactly what you’ll pay before seeing your doctor.

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No Surprise Bills

Simply walk out the door, at the end of your visit, with your mind at ease. No surprise bills ever again.

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Just a Tap Away

No more phone tag or long waits on hold with a receptionist. Book an appointment with just a few taps.

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Find a Doctor Near You

Find quality care whenever, wherever you are. Search based on cost, distance, ratings, and your schedule.

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Appointments ASAP

Need a same-day or next-day appointment? No more waiting to see a doctor when you need it the most.

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Find a Provider
That Suits Your Needs

Book appointments based on your priorities — whether it's cost, distance, ratings, or availability. Gain full freedom over who you see for care.

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Select Date & Time
That Works Best For You

Quickly find a doctor available when you need it with just a few clicks. Book an appointment, within minutes, without having to dial a single number.

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Confirm Appointment
& Price, and You’re Set

Using UMA is easy; simply book an appointment, see the doctor, and walk out of the treatment room. Our fully-transparent system puts you— not insurance — in control over your healthcare.