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Financial Issues

Many arguments that couples have are over financial differences. Whether you need help budgeting or need assistance compromises, confidential marriage counselors are available. For a same day, secure appointment, click below.

Financial Issues

Although marriage is usually a happy time, it isn’t unusual for couples to fight. Small arguments and bickering is normal, but what if it doesn’t seem to end? Many of the fights that married couples have stemmed from financial issues. 

Examples of these arguments can include:

•    Sharing a bank account

•    One spouse making more money than the other

•    Different views of where money should be spent

•    Difficulty saving money

•    Missing money

•    Bills

•    Overspending

•    Not enough money to live comfortably

My partner and I constantly fight about finances. What can I do?

Waiting too long to seek help may be too late for you and your spouse. If you’ve noticed that your financial arguments are getting more frequent and more severe, it may be time for the both of you to meet with a marriage counselor. One of the main benefits of marriage counselors is that they provide a confidential and judgment-free environment no matter what your financial status is. Marriage is filled with compromise and some couples need more help adjusting than others.  Our marriage counselors are educated, experienced, and most importantly, affordable. You and your counselor can develop a plan for budging and techniques for reducing debt.

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