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Emotional Focus Therapy

Getting in touch with your emotions can bring a strong bond to your physical and mental health. Connect with the right specialist today to strengthen your relationship.

Emotional Focus Therapy

What is emotional focus therapy? 

Emotional focus therapy is usually for couples and families who feel disconnected when it comes to their emotions. Although a person can seek EFT alone to figure out their own emotions, usually more than one person will go in order understand each other’s feelings. Emotional focus therapy is incredibly beneficial for people struggling with attachment or bonding issues. Therapists and doctors can observe past patterns in order to alter and benefit current relationships. Most couples that seek EFT are having trouble adjusting. Examples of adjustment issues could be infidelity, a new child, a new job or even a new marriage. Therapists encourage past experiences and emotions to be brought to the surface to examine underlying issues such as childhood trauma or domestic abuse. Finding a UMA therapist in the New York City area who practices and encourages emotional focus therapy could be an important asset to every relationship.

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