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Drug Addiction/ Substance Abuse

Drug addiction and substance abuse are very common. The first step is reaching out for help. Our therapists and counselors provide you with a safe, judgment-free and confidential environment. Book an appointment below.

Drug Addiction/ Substance Abuse

How do I know if I have an addiction to drugs?

Many people suffer from a drug addiction. The most important part of a drug addiction is recognizing you have a problem. If you or someone you know may be suffering an addiction to drugs, see if they show some of the following symptoms:

•    Avoiding responsibilities

•    Cravings for needs for the drug

•    Losing money to drugs

•    Having friendships with addicts

•    Staying in isolation

•    Being sneaky

How can I treat my drug addiction?

Many drug addictions require a detox program to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawl symptoms can best be described as flu-like symptoms and the inability to sit still. Drug abuse can be deadly and the most common drugs that are abused today are marijuana, prescription painkillers, cocaine and, heroin. The first step in overcoming your drug addiction is contacting a healthcare provider for a customized treatment plan. Drug addiction is very common and when you make an appointment with one of our mental health providers, you will always be in a safe and confidential appointment.

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