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Dr. Kalman Khodik PsyD., BCB

Dr. Kalman Khodik PsyD., BCB

(646) 655-0757

Avita Integrative Care LLC.

440 West Street, Suite 312

Fort Lee, NJ, 07024

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Avita Integrative Care LLC.

440 West Street, Suite 312

Fort Lee, NJ, 07024

Avita Integrative Care LLC.

850 7th Avenue, Suite 706

New York, NY, 10019

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Professional Statement

Having over 15 years and a variety of experience working in a diverse clinical setting with many types of clients, I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, psychosomatic disorders and more stress-related issues.
In addition to working with individuals, I spent many years bringing positive changes and organizational optimization at some of the most prominent global corporations, such as the McKinsey & Company, the World Bank, and the Credit Suisse Group.

Currently, I am the Director of Psychological and Psychophysiological services at Avita Integrative Care, LLC, a boutique group practice to which provides extensive treatment for varied disorders related to anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and poor stress resilience.

I have had formal training in several different dynamics including long-term and brief psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral techniques, biofeedback, and evidence-based drug and alcohol counseling. I am able to build and personalize treatment strategies to best fit each client's needs. I believe that by integrating spirituality into my personal life and professional work, I am able to help my clients to add additional resources to enhance their ability to function positivity in this world.

Although this type of practice remains unusual among traditional psychologists, through my personal spiritual journey and current practice, I am creatively positioned to help my clients enhance their relationships, overcome their spiritual struggles, and guide them to achieving a stronger, more powerful, sense of self.
The use of biofeedback and other psychophysiological interventions in this situation could help clients who find it difficult to regulate their attention and emotions in ordinary situations.

I speak English and Russian, both fluently, in addition to having an international and multicultural background; I find important on being open-minded in providing a culturally sensitive practice. I take enjoy being able to positively provide a unique, non-judgmental space where clients feel free to express themselves and explore their conflicts while developing real and sustainable change.


I earned my Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology and my Board Certification in Biofeedback from Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology (IGCP). I completed my APA accredited internships at the Keystone Center and the Joseph J. Peters Institute, where was able to apply my training and gain experience working with individuals who struggles with substance abuse and other forms of addictions. My dissertation investigated the relationships between self-regulation and addiction, where I proposed an integration of psychophysiological and psychospiritual interventions to maximize treatment adherence and gains.

I completed my post-doctoral fellowship at the prestigious Karen Horney Clinic in New York City. In addition to the advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the American Institute for Psychoanalysis (AIP), I am pursuing a candidacy in Psychoanalysis. This training is deeply rooted in the tradition of Karen Horney along with other influential and contemporary psychoanalytic theorists.

In the not-too-distant past, I completed my undergraduate education majoring in psychology at Rutgers University, and my Masters Degree in organizational development at Columbia University, T.C.


Karen Horney Clinic - Certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

Areas of Expertise

Mental Health Specialist

Psychological testing

Therapy / Counseling