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Dr. Linda Grad - PhD

Dr. Linda Grad - PhD

(212) 813-8084

Linda Grad

135 E. 50 St. , Suite 100

New York, NY, 10022

Linda Grad

135 E. 50 St. , Suite 100

New York, NY, 10022

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Fully Refundable if you cancel or miss your appointment

Fully Refundable if you cancel or miss your appointment

Professional Statement

I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The School of Psychology at Florida Institute of Technology and a Master's in Psychology from The Graduate Faculty at the New School for Social Research. I am a member of American Psychology Association, New York State Psychological Association and Manhattan Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and am certified in hypnosis from The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. In my practice, I offer work with individuals, couples, children, and adolescents. I guide patients to lose weight, quit smoking, manage anger and stress, improve self-esteem, and overcome phobias. I also work with patients on a diverse amount of other issues including, but not limited to, depression, obsessional thoughts (OCD), compulsive behaviors, insomnia, marital problems, and PTSD. I strive to help my patients form better habits in their daily lives, which can improve happiness and overall energy levels. I use a combination technique of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to create an understanding in my clients of how and why bad habits have formed and how we, collaboratively, allow change through enhanced self-awareness, more effective coping techniques, and the confidence to use these skills.


  • Florida Institute of Technology, PhD in Psychology
  • Creedmoor Psychiatric Center (Internship)
  • Clark University (Bachelor's)
  • The New School (Master's)


Licensed Psychologist

Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy

Marriage Counseling

Mental Health Specialist

OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)


PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Therapy / Counseling