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Paige Rechtman, LMHC

Paige Rechtman, LMHC

(347) 699-3043

LINA (Formerly Wellness Works)

115 Broadway Suite 1800

New York, NY, 10006

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LINA (Formerly Wellness Works)

115 Broadway Suite 1800

New York, NY, 10006


515 Madison Ave , 21st floor

New York, NY, 10022

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Fully Refundable if you cancel or miss your appointment

Fully Refundable if you cancel or miss your appointment

Professional Statement

I became a psychotherapist because I love to connect with individuals on a deeply real and personal level. If you find yourself up at night worrying about your future, regretting your past, or having trouble controlling your thoughts and emotions, I get it. My intention is to minimize your symptoms of distress, help you to set realistic goals, and get you to a place of confidence - where you are living the most satisfying life possible.

I describe my therapeutic style like that of a personal trainer, but for your mind, and your heart. Usually, an individual will hire a personal trainer to build physical strength, and get their bodies in "better shape." As a psychotherapist, I will help you to build mental and emotional strength so you can get your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in "better shape." I will provide guidance and tools to help you develop the skills, insight, and resiliency to navigate life's challenges. At the end of the day, you know yourself best, and YOU are the one lifting the heavy weights. But I will be there to support you along the way, and cheer you on as you work to become the best possible version of yourself.

Making positive changes in your life and healing from past traumas takes time, practice, and motivation, but it is possible. It is truly a privilege for me to do the work that I do, and to witness my clients grow stronger, develop more effective coping strategies, and begin to live life more fully.


M.Ed and Ed.S from the University of Florida


Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certificate of Spirituality in Healthcare
Member of the American Counseling Association
Member of the Financial Therapy Association

Areas of Expertise


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Life Coaching

Mindfulness Based Therapy


Therapy / Counseling