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Feelings of sadness that affect your relationships around you every day. You deserve better, let us help you find a Mental Health Specialist today.


What are the signs of depression? 

Depression comes in many different forms. Depression is negative thoughts and feelings of declined self-worth and hopelessness, which affects behavior, emotional problems, and physical deterioration. If these symptoms have lasted or gotten worse for over two weeks, it is time to seek medical help. Not all depression is the same, some patients cannot get out of bed, while others go about their daily activities but run to the bathroom and cry. Signs of depression include depressed mood, loss of interest or please, weight loss or weight gain, difficulty sleeping, feeling worthless or having thoughts of suicide or death. Most patients suffering from depression can benefit from a talk therapist or counselor and medication. Therapist’s recommendations could include exercise, social support, and improved nutrition. Finding a doctor to help treat depression can be expedited by using UMA because appointments can be same day or booked anytime, UMA is 24 hours and providers are located in the greater NYC area. 

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