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Are you experiencing communication issues in a new marriage? You are not alone. Communication is the foundation for a healthy relationship. If you are experiencing troubles, do not wait until the problems are too difficult to fix. Reach out to one of our confidential counselors below.


How can marriage counseling help me to communicate with my spouse?

No matter how prepared you are, marriage is an adjustment. Lack of communication can create many issues for the future. Good communication is the foundation for a healthy marriage. Marriage counselors specialize in educating their clients to remain calm but express opinions effectively. Many spouses tend to hold in their emotions and then eventually explode. Marriage counseling will guide you away from this practice which can lead to less heated arguments.  

Marriage counselors can watch couples communicate and find out exactly where their struggles are. Some of the most common issues that couples fail to communicate include:

•    Children and parenting

•    Finances

•    Feelings

•    Worries

By not communicating effectively with your partner, you can experience trust issues, insecurity, and a large financial burden. Although marital problems are common at any stage of marriage, couples tend to wait to seek help because they are embarrassed or ashamed. In fact, couples in the first few years of marriage tend to have the worst communication. Just because you’re a newlywed, does not mean you wouldn’t benefit from counseling. If you wait too long to seek help, the issues may be too difficult to repair. Do not hesitate to get help, even if you are in the beginning stages of marriage.

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