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Communication is essential in any relationship. If you and your partner are struggling with communication, get help before the problem gets worse. Search below for one of our educated and experienced couple's therapist.


How can couples therapy help my communication with my partner?

One of the main problems the majority of couples face is lack of communication. Although this may seem like a minor issue, it can snowball very quickly. Communication is the foundation of all relationships. Couples therapists work closely with you and your partner to implement healthy communication techniques. Lack of communication can lead to more complex issues in the relationship such as jealousy and infidelity. If you’re looking to improve communication skills between you and your partner, look no further than a couple’s therapist.

How does communication affect my relationship?

Good communication skills take practice and time. When life gets complicated, good communication keeps relationships together. Communication is extremely important when it comes to disagreements. When you and your partner are disagreeing, expressing your thoughts and opinions in a healthy way can lead to a more successful outcome.

Here are some communication tips that you can work on both in therapy and at home:

•    Remain calm

•    Be aware of your body language

•    Listen more than you speak

•    Think before you speak

•    Write your feelings down before you express them to your partner

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