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Coaching is a great way to motivate, strengthen and encourage you on your path to success. Get help with an UMA Specialist that can coach you daily (or) periodically over time.


What is Mental Health Coaching? 

Realizing that therapy would benefit you is the first step. Some people are more interested in a life coach or a motivator for the future. The main difference between counseling and coaching is the direction. Counseling tends to examine the past while coaching motivates and guides for the future. Coaches tend to encourage moving forward instead of uncovering trauma for recovery. Another benefit of coaching is breaking the wall between the doctor-patient relationships. Coaching allows for a more personal bond, such as a teammate. Some patients prefer to be treated without medication; some prefer to see if they can get to their goals with positive reinforcement and encouragement. Constant motivation is a key factor in reaching potential so to have an alternative option such as coaching could be beneficial. A nearby UMA professional can help you in the New York City area. 

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