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Cheating/Trust issues

Everyone feels insecure from time to time but if you or your parnter’s trust issues are impacting your relationship, it is time to get help. You and your partner will be able to express your feelings in a safe and confidental environment.

Cheating/Trust issues

Does everyone cheat in a relationship? 

Many people go through issues in a relationship, some more common than others.

One of the main issues couples go through is cheating. Although cheating can be detrimental to a relationship, therapists and health professionals can offer alternatives to ending the relationship. Not everyone cheats, but if you and your partner want to better your relationship, you need to take the steps to ensure you receive the proper treatment.

When should I seek help after I found out about cheating in the relationship?

After finding out your partner cheated, or if you are doing the cheating, you may feel an overwhelming flood of emotions. You may feel anger, anxiety, depression, guilt or even relief. All of these emotions are normal and you may go through ups and downs during the day. Contacting a couple’s therapist is the first step in allowing yourself to heal.

Why should I go to couples therapy? 

Couples therapy for cheating can attempt to repair the damage. Many couples that attend therapy have the intent of staying together. Therapy can help you and your partner regain trust for each other. Couples therapy for cheating can work by digging deeper into why the person was cheating and other issues that may be psychological. Hidden emotions can lead to a lot of deceptive behaviors. Even if you feel confident you want to end the relationship, you should consider couples therapy as it can give you the closure you both need.

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