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Break Up/Separation Support

Breakups are not easy and they can be difficult on the partners, their families and their children. If you are looking for a confidential and safe way to transition from your separation, book an appointment with a couple's therapist today.

Break Up/Separation Support

Why should I attend couple’s therapy if we already decided to break up?

Breakups are very difficult, no matter how long you’ve been together. If there are children involved it can be even worse. Just because you have decided to end the relationship, doesn’t mean that you will not benefit from couple’s therapy. Although many people believe that therapy is only for couples that want to stay together, it is actually very beneficial for couples that have decided to part ways. Going to couple’s therapy with your ex-partner can make the breakup transition much easier. Therapists are trained in breakups and can provide you with techniques and skills to communicate effectively and compassionately even when things get rough. Couple’s therapy when you are broken up can actually be a very effective way to mediate because you have a neutral party in a safe and confidential location. Custody wants and agreements can be debated in a healthy way. If you have children together, it is essential to learn proper techniques to communicate and co-exist. Breakups are difficult for everyone, even the person who initiated the separation. After the separation, it may take months to years to get adjusted to the new “normal.” This can affect work, family relationships, behavior, mood and many more. Do not wait until the problem gets out of hand, speak with a therapist today.

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