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Biofeedback helps to regulate the blood flow, your heart rate and breathing. Over time, patients experience less stress and an overall healthier body composition.


What is biofeedback? 

Biofeedback therapy is a fairly new technique that allows patients to improve their own health by regulating their involuntary functions such as heart rate or blood pressure. One of the most common reasons for biofeedback is a stroke patient who lost muscle memory. This technique helps patients regain muscle consciousness with the intent to have mobility again. 

Another reason for biofeedback is chronic pain or anxiety. Doctors are able to use a sensor on the body to help pinpoint the location and intensity of the pain. Once identified, doctors and patients, work together in order to gain control of the pain and attempt to lessen it using biofeedback therapy.  By being able to regulate blood flow, breathing and heart rate, patients are able to experience less stress and a healthier body. Using UMA, find a New York provider today and book your appointment immediately.

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