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Anxiety is completely normal, but there comes a time when anxiety reaches abnormal levels. Anxiety should not be controlling your life, you should be controlling it. Browse our selection of Mental Health Specialists today to seek help.


How do I know if I have abnormal anxiety? 

Most people suffer from mild anxiety, such as public speaking or planning a wedding, but how do you know when anxiety becomes too much? It is time to seek help when anxiety is interfering with everyday life. Examples of this could be excessive worrying, irrational fears or phobias, sleep problems and panic attacks. The cause of anxiety could be from many things such as posttraumatic stress disorder or mental illness. By visiting a local health care provider, anxiety could be controlled. Although medication may be required, many therapists introduce natural techniques such as meditation, yoga or breathing exercises. These techniques could be used in anxiety-provoking situations.  Excessive anxiety should be treated immediately in order to control the symptoms. Click below to view our healthcare providers that could help with your anxiety. Find a NYC or Long Island UMA near you!

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