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Anger Management

Anger management issues can be very unsafe for both the person going through it and their family. If you or someone you know is suffering from violent episodes, contact a therapist or counselor below for a same day evaluation.

Anger Management

What are anger management issues?

Anger management is a therapy technique used to reduce the feelings and outbursts of extreme anger. These outbursts of anger could be affecting your family, friends, and relationships. Some warning signs of anger management include:

•    Feeling angry without a specific cause

•    Anger with any type of person to person confrontation

•    Struggling to compromise

•    Punching objects

•    Reacting violently to small problems

•    Breaking objects

•    Constantly having the same disagreements

•    Lashing out with friends and family

•    Feelings of pressure in the head

How can anger management issues be treated?

One of the main and successful treatment options for anger management issues is talk therapy. Talking to a counselor or therapist can alleviate symptoms of anger by getting to the root of the problem. Identifying where the anger is coming from can be the most beneficial for patients and their families. Therapists and counselors assist patients with accepting anger and looking for alternative outlets to express it, rather than violence. Also, patients will learn how to communicate with their words and how to properly articulate how they are feeling.

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