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Adoption is the placement of a child or baby from their biological family to their new legal family. Although the adoption process is incredibly rewarding, social workers can assist with any struggles along the way.


What is adoption?

Adoption is when a baby or child is moved from one family and placed into another. Usually, the child is moved from their biological parent to a legal parent who is willing to assume all responsibilities. This is a transfer of all responsibilities, including financial.

How does a social worker help with adoption?

Social workers are specialists when it comes to the adoption process. Their main responsibility is making sure the process goes smoothly. They achieve this by matching families and children. In addition, they advocate for the children. This includes checking up on them, their new housing and their new schooling after they have been placed with their new legal family. Social workers also provide an enormous amount of time supporting the biological families and adoptive families. They reassure them and assist them with necessary means to make the process as smooth as possible.

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