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Addiction is very common; many people suffer from an addiction that is changing their lives. Getting help is the first step to getting your life back.


What is addiction?

Addictions can be found in everyone, some people have more severe addictions than others. Although addictions can vary, many people suffer from them. The treatment plan is typically the same and it is comprised of ending a habit-forming behavior. The majority of the addictions are either physical or physiological. Talk therapy with a social worker is very beneficial because social workers are able to dig to find the root of the problem.

What are types of addictions?

Addictions come in many forms; for example, people can be addicted to drugs or social media.  Narcotics and alcohol, stealing, and starting fires are all addictions. If you’re suffering from an addiction that you can’t stop, it is time to seek treatment. Other examples of addictions are sex, food, shopping and working addictions. If your behaviors are affecting your everyday life; you may have an addiction.

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