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Addiction is serious and critical. Ask for help when you need it, or use UMA discreetly without going through your health insurance! Locate and book a mental health specialist appointment 24/7.


What is an addiction and who suffers from it?

Do you or someone you know abuse drugs? It may be time to see an addiction specialist. UMA offers addiction specialists near you. Over 23 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. Although many people suffer from addiction, recovery is possible. Not including addiction to foods, one in every eight people has had some type of addictive behavior with drugs or alcohol. Although many people attribute drug use to illegal substances, most drugs abused are prescription painkillers and benzodiazepines. Many people choose to go through a detox in a rehabilitation center where it is the safest.  The hardest part of recognizing a drug or alcohol addiction is admitting there is a problem and you are willing to seek help. Many people feel ashamed or embarrassed and avoid seeking help. The addiction specialists and therapists on UMA health’s website are non-judgmental and are there to provide you with the best care possible. They are conveniently located in the greater New York City area. 

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