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UMA is
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About UMA

UMA is a revolutionary marketplace that connects patients and doctors -- without the hassle of insurance. UMA connects patients to doctors conveniently and efficiently. Unlike traditional healthcare, we have complete transparency in pricing. With UMA, you never have to worry about surprise bills or lack of coverage. We are affordable, on-demand concierge healthcare.

With UMA, patients can choose the best doctor that fits their needs, schedule and budget. Without the need for insurance, patients can find doctors based upon cost, ratings, distance and availability. Our platform caters to all and works well for patients with high deductibles, HSA accounts, without insurance, or are underinsured.

We believe in full-cost transparency and know our hassle-free experience is the future of medicine. For doctors and patients, no more headaches dealing with complicated insurance companies. For patients, no more worrying about finding care within network, getting referrals for services, or dealing with co-pays, deductibles, or coinsurance. For doctors, no more complicated insurance paperwork and admin overheard to get a reimbursed months later for a fraction of the cost of service.

Using UMA is easy; simply book an appointment, see the doctor, and walk out of the treatment room. You'll know the costs up-front, and will be billed when scheduling the appointment. No need to worry about surprise bills months after your appointment. Our platform allows doctors to focus on you and not your health insurance.

Welcome to UMA Health, the future of medical connectivity.

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Our network of providers are state-licensed and vetted by our staff. Book in confidence and receive the highest quality of care.

Find Quality Care

We all know how important it is to stay up to date on your healthcare; so finding the right doctor is essential. At Urgent Medical Access, UMA Health, we offer the best doctors at cash price; meaning no insurance is necessary. Just because you aren’t covered for a certain procedure or you don’t have health insurance, doesn’t mean you should lower your standards for healthcare professionals. Our top-rated doctors and counselors are here to accommodate all of your healthcare needs. Plus, UMA is completely free to use and scheduling is easy. Whether you are looking for a dentist or mental health specialist, we offer a wide variety of doctors based on price, distance, ratings, and availability.

Book an Appointment ASAP

Many doctors don’t offer same day appointments, so we’ve created a solution. UMA offers same-day appointments and our goal is to get you the quickest and highest quality care possible. Making an appointment is easy, you simply enter your zip code and type of specialist, and up come choices. There are never any hidden fees or bills when you use UMA. Plus, it’s absolutely free to use. Another benefit of using UMA health is that you never have to call the doctor’s office. You book your appointment and pay all through our secure platform. All matters remain confidential, secure and discrete when insurance is taken out of the equation.

Receive 5% Back

UMA Health offers 5% back after every visit. Once you book your appointment online and visit your doctor, we give you 5% back on the total cost of the visit. We call this - “UMA Dollars.” You can use your UMA Dollars whenever you want, for additional services or appointments on To access your UMA Dollars, simply leave a review with the provider you saw. It’s that easy!