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About UMA

UMA Health is a revolutionary marketplace that allows clients to find, book, and pay for mental health and executive coaching appointments online, all through one website. Select the best professional for you- based on transparent cost, specialty, location, availability, and ratings. UMA is a direct-pay platform, operating outside the hassles and paper trails of insurance. We keep the administrative process simple and confidential, so you can focus on minding your health!

Beginning with New York City and expanding nationwide, UMA is breaking the barriers that keep people from improving their lives. Our network includes a wide range of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, marriage counselors, leadership coaches and more, giving you access to whatever support you need with a few clicks of your phone or computer.

Mental health is crucial to your overall well-being. UMA Health is determined to bring a much-needed change to the system, and positively transform the experience for clients and providers alike!

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Our network of providers are state-licensed and vetted by our staff. Book in confidence and receive the highest quality of care.

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Mental health is critical to your overall well-being. Finding the right provider is essential and should be just as convenient as any form of shopping online. At UMA Health, we connect you to quality mental health providers with all the necessary information to select the best appointment for you. Filter by mental health speciality, location, transparent cost, availability, ratings, gender, language and more! Book an appointment with a few clicks instead of playing discouraging games of phone tag.

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UMA operates entirely outside of insurance, and makes it convenient to pay directly through the website. No need to carry around cash/checks or keep track yourself of how much you’re spending! Making an UMA account is entirely free and securely saves your payment information so that checkout is simple and confidential.

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UMA is a helpful tool that’s completely free to use and breaks the administrative barriers that might otherwise keep you from improving your mental health! In addition to helping you find your first appointment, UMA makes it convenient to manage all your routine visits. Our team is always here to help so that your provider can focus solely on your mental health and wellness.