Pay Direct and Save on Your Medical Visits

No Insurance Needed

Skip Insurance and Save

By removing insurance from the equation, doctors can focus on you - and not paperwork. UMA puts patients(not insurance) first - the way medicine should be.

Don't just take our word for it...

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Ic savings

Save Money

Find affordable, quality medical care.

Ic transparency

Transparent Pricing

Know what you'll pay beforehand.

Ic surprises

No Surprise Bills

Simply walk out the door, at the end of your visit.

Ic speed

Appointments ASAP

Same day appointments available!

Ic convenience

Just a Tap Away

Conveniently book an appointment right on your phone.

Ic location

Find a Doctor Near You

Maximize your time, and find a specialist close to you.

Gfx browse

Find a Provider
That Suits Your Needs

Book appointments based on your priorities — whether it's cost, distance, ratings, or availability. Gain full freedom over who you see for care.

Gfx select date

Select Date & Time
That Works Best For You

Quickly find a doctor available when you need it with just a few clicks. Book an appointment, within minutes, without having to dial a single number.

Gfx confirm

Confirm Appointment
& Price, and You’re Set

Using UMA is easy; simply book an appointment, see the doctor, and walk out of the treatment room. Our fully-transparent system puts you— not insurance — in control over your healthcare.

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